christmas blues woman

The holiday season is over and most of us will go back to our normal, pre-Christmas lives with little to show for it except maybe a new Ipad (if we’re lucky) or pair of slippers (if we’re not so lucky).

But Christmas and New Year can have lingering effects beyond the few extra inches around the waist. For many people the festive season far from lives up to its name and it can be a time to feel down or even become depressed.

Missing lost loved ones, being lonely, feeling that you are the only one not having a good time while everyone around you enjoys the holiday fun – all this can turn Christmas and New Year into the hardest time for many people.

And it doesn’t all just go away as soon as Christmas and New Year are over. Difficulties from this time of year can be hard to shake.

And even if family and friends did rally round at Christmas, you may now be left to face up to problems alone again, making it all seem extra difficult.

Whatever the reason, January can be just as hard as December. So, if you feel you need some extra help to get through, a sympathetic and understanding ear could be the place to start.

We have an experienced psychotherapist who can listen and help you to cope with your problems and feelings.

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There is no need to struggle on alone.