flu vaccinations

It’s that time of year  – your whole body aches, your head is pounding and you feel like you will never be able to get out of bed again. You have the flu.
Anyone who has ever suffered flu knows just how bad it can be. And if you were ever under the illusion that the flu is the same as a bad cold, one bout of flu and you will quickly realise how wrong you were.
So this year you have decided you really don’t want to get sick and want to know how to avoid the flu.
Well, you could lock yourself away for the whole of flu season. Stay indoors, do your shopping online and don’t reemerge until at least the Spring. But for something a little less drastic try washing your hands.
Flu is highly contagious and can be picked up just by touching a surface where someone with the flu has left their germs. You can then transfer the germs by touching your mouth, eyes or nose and before you know it you have full-blown flu. If you wash your hands throughout the day you have more chance of avoiding the flu.
You can also try staying away from people with flu, but this is almost impossible and you could pick up the virus from someone before you even know they have the influenza virus.
So the only real way to avoid flu is to have the flu vaccine.
The flu vaccine is highly recommended for people with health problems, weakened immune systems or the elderly for whom flu can be dangerous. But it is also good for anyone who wants to avoid going down with the flu. And surely that is just about all of us.
Ask your GP for the flu vaccine, or book a vaccine at Medcare now before you find yourself in bed wishing you had got the jab.